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Rainfall is seasonal with an annual mean fall of 1704mm. March is the wettest month with 248mm and the driest month is September, receiving 62mm. Much of the rain -heavy at times - during summer happens at night, leaving residents, and visitors, with warm, sunny days to enjoy the many outdoor activities.

During the summer months Coffs Harbour can experience the effects of rain depressions further north, the tail end of what is left of a tropical cyclone. The rain without the extremes of the storm.
In March 2009 a major storm did hit the region with as much as 600mm falling in less than six hours, leaving the city under water and hundreds homeless. 2010 proved to be a wet year for the region - the third wettest on record - but it still fell short of 1974 when nearly 6000mm of rain fell.

Although there are two clear wet and dry seasons, the Coffs Coast region does enjoy an Autumn - and it is one of the best times to visit. The rainfall decreases, the humidity disappears and it’s a superb opportunity to enjoy al fresco dining. The winter, or ‘dry’ season of July-September sees magnificent blue skies and sunny days, with an occasional light wind off the coast - a great time to go whale watching.

Winter days regularly top 20C - and even higher - with nightly falls to as low as 7C in Coffs and along the coast, with some light frost inland at Bellingen and Dorrigo. Spring (September - November) can often see what locals describe as a ‘false summer’ with warm but dry days. Temperate with highs in the mid-20s, perfect weather. They usually disappear to be replaced with the humidity and rain by the time November starts.

Below is the official Coffs Harbour weather forecast from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.

Clike here for the official Coffs Harbour weather forecast from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.

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