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Coffs Harbour in a day (contd from home page)

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You can choose to take your cycles with you and put them to good use along the tracks; strap on your hiking boots and go on foot or even get to know the area on horseback.

Coffs Harbour

If the latter option appeals to you, then you need to pay the nearby Valery Trails a visit. They are located right on the edge of the national park and are a long established and well trusted business with more than 60 tame horses. Trail rides into the forest can be easily arranged and generally last between one and two hours.

After such an active day, you have earned the right to spoil yourself in the evening. Much of Coffs Harbour’s dining is centred on Harbour Drive and its charming beachfront dining ambiance. Although Coffs Harbour is not a large town, there is still plenty of culinary variety on offer and you can find practically any style of cuisine that you fancy. Once you have enjoyed a yummy meal, head across to the beach for a romantic and relaxing stroll along the shore taking in the sea breeze, rolling waves and soft sand underfoot.

Coffs Harbour

Coff’s Harbour attractions are many and varied and offer the visitor a relaxed, yet totally satisfying holiday that will restore your energy stores and give you a new lease on life.


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